Today in the city Oakman 21.01.2019

Procter & Gamble takes the lead on tackling ocean plastic

Personal care brand Procter & Gamble has joined forces with several major companies to launch a new organization to tackle plastic waste levels in the ocean. The conglomerate, which owns brands such...

Latest Pacific Ocean storm pounds California with rain, snow

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The latest in a series of Pacific Ocean storms pounded California with rain and snow Thursday, prompting officials to put communities on alert for mudslides and flooding and makin...

I Traded My Box Braids For A Frank Ocean-Inspired Buzz Cut

There are two types of people when it comes to haircuts: There are those who squint at the sight of shears for a two-inch trim, and those who walk in the salon with box braids and walk out with a buzz...

Ocean Warming Continues To Break Every Record

A string of recent reports came out highlighting just how significant the global ocean warming has become. Its the equivalent heating of detonating 3 to 5 nuclear bombs in the ocean every second.

Daredevil teens plunge into rough ocean waters to cool off in sweltering Australian heat

Video has emerged of a group of fearless teens taking dangerous plunge off a rock shelf and into the ocean, just managing to stay afloat amid the brutal whitewash and crashing waves. Their adventure...

Australian wildlife officials to pump oxygen into rivers after thousands of fish are killed in heatwave

Nearly a million fish were found dead last week in an Australia river prompting local wildlife experts to find ways to curb the heatwave conditions they claim are responsible for the deaths.

Australian State to Pump Oxygen Into Rivers as Fish Die

An Australian state government has announced plans to mechanically pump oxygen into lakes and rivers after hundreds of thousands of fish have died in heatwave conditions.

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